Why It’s Time to Design Your Digital Workforce of Tomorrow, Today

Where we stand, today

As both leaders and colleagues we are facing an unprecedented level of digital disruption, budgetary pressures, and increasing demand to deliver the right talent to the right place at the right time across the workforce. With the abundance of ongoing technology investment GenAI and automation are simultaneously meant to simplify and streamline, yet in many instances seem to be slowing us down.

According to the 2024 Gartner Future Trends of Work report,1 “22% of employees expect AI to replace their job in the next five years;” however with overinflated expectation levels very few organisations have unlocked how to effectively adopt, evolve, and utilise a blended workforce with skills and capabilities shared between humans and and machine labour.

As time goes on, the role of technology expands, and critical decisions are made reshaping our jobs the complexity and importance of making the right investment in your workforce has never been more important.

Today JCURV is excited to announce our new Workforce and Organisation service line focused on solving the critical people-related challenges our clients grapple with ranging from AI and digital adoption to agile operating models to cost-conscious restructuring.

Workforce and Organisation offers our clients a comprehensive suite of services to enhance the end-to-end workforce lifecycle from tailored design through to execution and evolution.  Beginning with a strategy that dynamically links business and workforce planning, our service line is equipped to help you establish a future-proof design activated through a digital colleague experience positioned to deliver insight-led analytics.

At JCURV we’re proud to offer a digitally-enabled service to support our clients transitioning through one of the most challenging times in the history of our workforce. Strategically focused on business strategies, capabilities and customer outcomes our workforce services help maximise the value of colleagues and companies preparing for a digital future.

Paul Krasilnick, Managing Director and Service Line Leader

Where we’re headed, tomorrow

JCURV helps our clients directly link people-related decisions to overarching business strategies, capabilities, and journey-led outcomes. Whilst there will never be a ‘one size fits all’ answer to resolving your challenges a progressive, comprehensive, and integrated framework should serve as the foundation to building the right digitally-enabled capabilities to manage design, develop, and deliver your workforce.

JCURV’s Integrated Workforce and Organisation Framework

Where we begin our journey, together

We are all at various stages of our transformational journeys, and with each new experience comes a learning opportunity to adapt and evolve. The following are a few key lessons learnt from our experiences working with client partners like you helping shape their workforces:

  • Prioritise what your customers want and the experiences your colleagues need to deliver
  • Future proof and plan your design based on the skills you need over the supply you have
  • Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement
  • Take the guess work out of the equation anchoring decisions on data and insights
  • Engage and align from the top, transform and model from within

Led by Managing Director, Paul Krasilnick, Workforce and Organisation aims to help you maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your talent delivering enhanced customer value and key results all directly measured and tied to desired business outcomes.

We would love to share more of our insights and learn how Workforce and Organisation can help you!

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