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Habits That Stick: Leveraging ‘Atomic Habits’ for Lasting OKR Success

Imagine strolling through Norwich train station, your eyes catch a book titled “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Curiosity piqued, you pick it up, not realizing…

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Exciting News! JCURV And Quantive Join Forces We’re delighted to announce JCURV‘s new partnership with Quantive, the market-leading platform for turning strategy into results, with world-class solutions…

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An Agile Approach To Future Proof Your Business Strategy

When it comes to developing a company strategy, whether that’s over 1, 5 or 10 years, taking the first step can seem daunting. There are…

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Discussing findings from our latest Agile Culture Survey with the Agile Business Consortium

JCURV’s Vikram Jain and Georgie Povey recently took part in an Agile Business Consortium panel discussion discussing the findings from our latest Agile Culture Survey….

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How Organisations That Pivot To Product Outperform Their Peers By 4x 

In a world grappling with economic uncertainty, organisations navigating towards a product-centric model outshine peers by 4x. The shift brings agility, aligning teams to value streams, reducing dependencies, optimising workflows, and minimising management overhead. Discover the key ingredients propelling these organisations forward.

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JCURV’s Vikram Jain discusses findings from our recent State of Agile Culture report on, Sky News, Ian King Live

Listen to Vikram Jain, JCURV’s founder and Managing Director, discuss our recent State of Agile Culture 2023 report findings on Ian King Live.

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Our State of Agile Culture report is available now

The benefit of agility in organisations is ever-increasing, yet cultural issues are a leading impediment to its successful adoption. Our Third State of Agile Culture…

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Building an agile culture Schroders Personal Wealth

Schroders Personal Wealth (SPW) is a joint venture between Lloyds Banking Group and Schroders. SPW’s Mission is to change lives and help more people achieve…

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5 Decision Making Rules of Thumb, a tool to build decision making muscle in your organisation 

Decentralising decision making is a key lever to help organisations dramatically improve their time to market and customer satisfaction. At a recent agile governance panel discussion with the Agile Business Consortium, we shared some tips for fostering good governance and empowering teams to make effective decisions. 

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Why traditional PMOs are stuck on ‘red’

Many organisations are reinventing their change approaches and operating models so they can thrive in uncertain and volatile markets. In many cases, project management offices…

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