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We increase the agility of organisations so they can thrive in an increasingly uncertain world

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Who we are and what makes us different

Hear from JCURVers on our mission, what drives us, and the approach we take to help our clients reach their goals

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Meet our founder

Hear from our founder Vikram on why he started JCURV, how we deliver commercial value for our clients, and more!

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Our principles and approach to delivering agility

Hear from JCURVers on the principles which underpin the approach we take with our clients and how we practically deliver organisational agility

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How to build a robust data culture in your business

Data has the potential to transform your business. But extracting and applying its true value requires more than data literacy; building and embedding a strong…

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News UK: Transforming Culture and Mindset

Our Founder, Vikram spoke alongside Gill Bennet and Kirsteen King from News UK about their agile transformation journey and how it improved the speed, efficiency and effectiveness…

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Agile World On Leadership Agility with JCURV and Bill Joiner

Agile World hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith meet with JCURV‘s Ben Hutchinson and Bill Joiner, thought leader and CEO of…

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Life as a JCURVer

Hear from JCURVers why they do what they do, the difference they are making and what makes them proud

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Agile World on Agile Transformation at News UK with JCURV, Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers

Agile World hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith meet with News UK, JCURV, Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers to discuss the…

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Wave goodbye to heroes – why heroic leaders over-control and under-utilise their team

Involving others in decision making is a key part of agile working, enabling companies to motivate their teams to deliver the best results for their…

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“State of Agile Culture: A Deep Dive with News UK”

Hear Gill Bennett from News UK describe their transformation journey Business agility was introduced at News UK 12 months ago against a backdrop of low…

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