We help improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of how organisations deliver value by pivoting them from being project to product aligned


Many organisations are traditionally organised by functional specialism over alignment to the customer or stakeholder outcomes

In an increasingly changing environment organisations being traditionally organised face higher risk of underperforming as they are:

Not aligned and organised by outcomes making it harder to deliver value to customers and not focused on the highest value outcomes

Slow to respond due to too many silos and dependencies to manage

Experiencing worsening employee engagement as employees struggle to connect their work with the ultimate purpose and high friction to get things done

Expensive to operate due to high levels of duplication and bureaucracy

Finding they have a high orchestrator to producer ratio which is slowing the organisation down


  • We supported the world’s leading investment banking Markets business in transitioning to a product operating model, working closely with teams responsible for building and maintaining their strategic trade management and pricing system in moving from being organised by capability to being organised by value streams.
  • We implemented more effective, aligned, and collaborative planning and prioritisation, resulting in a 73% increase in flow velocity over the quarter and improved outcome delivery.
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  • We supported Schroders Personal Wealth (SPW) with their agility journey, initially introducing agile ways of working to 100 colleagues in technology and subsequently broadening the initiative to the wider organisation.
  • We designed the value stream operating model and introduced an agile culture. This enabled SPW to deliver more value through improved delivery and a stronger focus on prioritisation of business outcomes, primarily freeing up advisor capacity to give more advice to more people and converting more clients in the sales process.
  • With our help, SPW was able to reduce marketing collateral, re-engage client prospects, increase conversion rate, and significantly improve client satisfaction.
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  • We designed and implemented a Product Operating Model, bringing together the business, digital programme, and traditional technology delivery capability.
  • We mobilised cross-functional teams, agile ways of working and transitioned the traditional PMO to an Agile Portfolio Office (APO) to focus on the business’s strategic priorities and deliver more predictable and incremental value.
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JCURV helps improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of how organisations deliver value by pivoting them from being project to product aligned.
We help transform performance by:

Running health checks with the organisations to understand strengths and areas of opportunity to improve performance via operating model changes

Upskilling and mobilising teams around Team Topologies and agile operating models

Value stream and operating model design

Change management support to transition the organisation, iteratively, to the target state

Helping organisations to build their continuous organisation design and team topologies skills so that they can continuously refresh their organisation design


Faced with a challenging economic climate, organisations need to be able to adapt more quickly and drive cost efficiencies. Moving to a product-centric operating model is a key enabler.

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We supported JP Morgan’s Markets business with their product operating model transformation.
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