We help organisations maximise the value from their data and technology investments and capabilities


Even before the current Gen AI trend, data has become an increasingly central priority for organisations as based on the potential value it can deliver

However, many organisations are struggling to exploit the value of their data as quickly as the business needs

Although technical capability is essential for value delivery, ways of working are often ignored or undervalued in data and technology transformations

This results in unnecessary investment risk, mis-alignment to the end customer and slow and inefficient value deliver.


  • We supported Belron’s CDO to drive data-led decision making, pairing innovative data science techniques with internal business knowledge to identify and rapidly implement opportunities to increase value delivery.
  • Through our collaborative approach, we have highlighted the existing data capability and put data at the heart of decision making.
  • Benefits realised to date include increasing total technician capacity by 1% and increasing revenue by improving customer conversion.

  • We worked with the Chief Data Officer of Sainsbury's plc supporting the team to increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of how they deliver value - "We've delivered more in the last 6 weeks than the last 12 months!" - Group CFO.
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  • CCEP embarked upon a multi-year data transformation. It was decided to centralise existing reporting activities into a new offshore team, however ways of working were impacting productivity and the relationship with international stakeholders.
  • We introduced and embedded our unique DatagilityTM approach, and in 9 months the team have transitioned to be a trusted partner, increased engagement by 36%, created over 100 new, high-value reports, and have lasting capability to sustain these collaborative ways of working.
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JCURV works with organisations to help maximise the value of their data and technology investments and capabilities by transforming the way they work.

We do this by:

Collaboratively building customer and outcome-led data and technology strategies

Introducing agile ways of working to deliver the data and technology strategy

Treating data as a product to optimise operational efficiency and resource allocation

Introducing improved operating models to ensure data is at the heart of organisational change and thinking

Rapidly mobilising and running data-led accelerators to identify opportunities and deliver value from AI.


Data has the potential to transform your business. But extracting and applying its true value requires more than data literacy; building and embedding a strong data culture is essential for long-term success.
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Organisations have invested heavily in their Big Data and AI strategies to understand their customers, products and processes better. To extract genuine value though, the focus should be on people, not data.
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