We build high-performing, cross-functional agile delivery teams, focused on relentlessly iterating to satisfy the customer and business stakeholders


A larger number of organisations still suffer from building solutions that are not aligned to the customer need, slow to respond and are inefficient vs. their digital natives

Faced with increased uncertainty the current ‘waterfall’ approaches use are not fit for purpose resulting in unnecessary risk and uncompetitive performance

Organisations are also struggling to scale their agile ways of working to deliver larger parts of their strategy.


  • We worked with Sainsbury's to deliver a £1bn transformation by applying agile ways of working, focusing on new propositions, productivity and organisational efficiencies.

  • We worked with 7IM to significantly improve their technology change capability in support of an ambitious growth agenda, addressing siloed, waterfall delivery.
  • Designing and mobilising a product-centric operating model, we evolved existing project teams into long-lived product squads.
  • We introduced scaled agile ways of working, including Scrum and quarterly planning, leading to greater empowerment, transparency and more effective delivery.

  • We worked with BOI UK to transform their Mortgages and Loans business, before expanding into regulatory delivery, Audit and HR, delivering a material profit uplift and increase in staff engagement.


JCURV builds high-performing, cross-functional agile delivery teams focused on relentless iteration to satisfy their customer and business stakeholders by:

Understanding the health of the teams and portfolio through expert diagnostics covering people, process, tooling and behaviours at all levels of the organisation

Training and upskilling teams in agile ways of working

Mobilising product teams and their stakeholder groups with full alignment on what success looks like

Embedding iterative delivery of the backlog to achieve the intended strategic outcomes

Coaching teams and larger portfolios of teams to scale and continuously improve their delivery capability.