In Workforce and Org we design, develop and deliver transformational journeys with our clients to unlock and maximise the people-related value across the workforce.



Budgets are shrinking and greater pressure is being applied to ‘do more with less’ requiring smarter and more strategic workforce planning decisions.


Workforce fluidity is on the rise again across the market increasing attrition rates and amplifying the importance of both colleague experience and value proposition.


Fighting the war on skills whilst struggling to determine what they have in their own arsenal requiring a dynamic insight-led method to building capability.


The technology bombardment of automation and digital disruption continues to promise efficiency gains but equally introduces challenges with behavioural change and adoption.


Operating Model and Workforce Design

  • We worked with Dr Martens to redesign their Technology operating model to support ambitious growth targets and mobilise the organisation in agile ways of working.
  • Defining a detailed operating model, we reviewed and iterated the organisation design, identifying the impact on existing roles, creating new role families and job descriptions, and actively managed key people risks.
  • We created an overall people transition roadmap and communications strategy with consultation timelines identified and codified the approach in an agile operating model handbook to ensure sustainability.

Designing and Implementing an Agile Operating Model

  • JCURV worked with LSM to introduce and embed an agile operating model integrating teams across the business, change and tech domains
  • Introducing a value stream approach, teams were aligned to customer / business outcomes
  • A new operating model was designed and a transition roadmap developed that covered people, process, governance and ways of working
  • Team members were introduced to agile concepts and models and over a period of phases, the teams were transitioned into the new roles.

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JCURV helps our clients structure, optimise and invest in their workforce to deliver the right talent to the right place at the right time for the right cost. We achieve this by directly linking workforce-related decisions to overarching business strategies, capabilities, and journey-led outcomes.

JCURV's Workforce and Orgranisation Framework


Workforce strategy: Defining a workforce strategy to address current and future people needs in line with the overall business strategy and operating model

Workforce planning: Navigating workforce challenges, risks and opportunities from the immediate term through to 3–5-year long-term business planning

Organisation design: Optimising an organisation's structural design, harmonising roles and job levels and building inspiring career pathways

Capabilities, skills and competency (CSC) design: Defining the technical, behavioural and leadership skills required, assessing gaps to address, and designing tailored interventions

Colleague experience design: Understanding employees needs and optimising how they engage with the organisation across physical, digital, organisational and human dimensions

Workforce analytics and digital awareness: Collecting and harnessing workforce data to optimise decision-making



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