JCURV Announces Parternship with Visier

London, UK, 9 July 2024 — JCURV today announced a partnership with Visier, the people analytics and workforce planning software platform. Together, JCURV and Visier will provide enterprise organisations with a combination of Visier’s market-leading technology for workforce planning and people insights and JCURV’s workforce and organisation design consulting capabilities. This is such a critical…

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Discussing findings from our latest Agile Culture Survey with the Agile Business Consortium

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JCURV’s Vikram Jain and Georgie Povey recently took part in an Agile Business Consortium panel discussion discussing the findings from our latest Agile Culture Survey. Key takeaways that stirred the conversation: 1. Leadership’s Substantial Impact on Business AgilityThere is an undeniable influence leaders have over business agility. Their actions and decisions ripple through the organisation,…

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Our State of Agile Culture report is available now

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The benefit of agility in organisations is ever-increasing, yet cultural issues are a leading impediment to its successful adoption. Our Third State of Agile Culture Report, in collaboration with Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers, examines the impact of different leadership styles on agile culture, business agility, organisational resilience, and commercial performance. Some top insights include:

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Why traditional PMOs are stuck on ‘red’

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Many organisations are reinventing their change approaches and operating models so they can thrive in uncertain and volatile markets. In many cases, project management offices (PMOs) remain untouched, under-invested, and exempted from these necessary challenges. This significantly compromises performance.   However, organisations whose PMOs adopt agile principles and capabilities are outperforming their competitors and experiencing 2x…

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Building Retail Agility: Dr. Marten’s Advice to the Industry

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“We have a mantra at Dr. Martens – you can do anything, but you can’t do everything”. Listen to Dr. Martens colleagues including Chief Technology & Information Officer Ronald Garricks and Chief Data Officer Nick Sawyer discuss the challenges they are currently facing within the retail industry and their roles. They explore how an agile…

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How leaders can create a positive feedback environment

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The dynamics surrounding feedback giving are fascinating! It’s a high-stakes moment where the delivery is often as important as the message content getting it wrong can have devastating consequences for the individuals involved and their ongoing relationship. Research shows that people managers often fear the process (even when the feedback is positive). They tend to…

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