We design an iterative strategy, enabled by agile portfolio management to monitor performance and continuously improvey


The rate and complexity of change has dramatically increased, yet traditional strategy development still typically runs on annual cycles, using long-winded non-standard documents which are time-consuming to develop

In terms of execution, traditional PMOs are not set up for this level of change and are struggling to adapt their approaches and capabilities

As a result, there is often a lack of alignment between strategy and execution and organisations are overwhelmed with priorities, impacting customer outcomes, company performance and staff engagement.


  • We supported Sainsbury's PLC to mobilise their 3 year strategy using agile principles
  • A £500m profit challenge was set divided over 11 key areas from store labour to customer loyalty
  • For each area, we worked closely with experts in the business to define a long term vision, build a strategic backlog and build a delivery roadmap
  • Within 30 days from mobilisation, the teams were already delivering the strategy and within 60 days realising value.

  • We supported Zenobe to quickly define their transformation strategy in a high growth and fast-changing environment
  • Within a period of eight weeks six strategic outcomes were defined and a vison, prioritised backlog and roadmaps defined for each respectively
  • A series of synchronisations sessions were run to ensure the highest value items were being worked on within the resource constraints
  • Zenobe is growing exponentially and sustainably year on year.

  • NewsUK, the owner of The Times, Sun and TV and radio channels were struggling to maximise their technology and change investments
  • As part of a large agile transformation, we introduced flow metrics for the executive and teams to monitor and improve performance
  • Flow metrics allowed the teams to monitor the delivery of value, portfolio mix, impediments enabling data-led decision making and improvements.


JCURV helps business leaders design a concise, engaging and executable strategy, supported by agile portfolio management practices to monitor progress and performance and continuously improve delivery capability.

We support clients with:

Designing a “Minimum Viable” Strategy and defining strategic Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to execute it, driving focus, transparency and alignment

Establishing a high-performing Lean Portfolio Office focused on strategy execution:

Building a prioritised portfolio of work developed in line with strategic drivers identified

Implementing agile governance to coordinate delivery of the business strategy, including agile budgeting and funding guardrails and guidelines

Measuring delivery performance through cascading OKRs from the Exec through to delivery teams and upskilling teams in their use

Developing internal capability across the organisation to support agile delivery best practice and consistently improve ways of working.


Whilst organisations are reinventing their approaches to thrive in an increasingly uncertain world, in many cases PMOs remain untouched and under-invested. Adopting agile principles and capabilities drives revenue growth and higher customer satisfaction.
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In a constantly changing world, traditional approaches to strategy development can prove less valuable and riskier. An iterative, test and learn approach enables you to better adapt to the business environment.
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