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We help organisations deliver change faster, more efficiently and effectively, whilst reducing risk

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Rapid Strategy Definition & Mobilisation

We approach strategy definition and mobilisation using agile principles to ensure and organisation can respond quickly to the opportunities identified. We help organisations, ‘THINK BIG, START SMALL, ACT FAST’

We help clients think big, start small and act fast


Spending months on developing business growth or profit optimisation strategies is no longer feasible in such a fast changing environment. With the world and market around us presenting such volatility, spending months thinking and not doing, increases the risk of the strategy not being delivered.


​​At JCURV we approach strategy definition and mobilisation using agile principles to ensure an organisation can respond quickly to the opportunities identified. At the core of our approach to developing and mobilising a company strategy is: THINK BIG, START SMALL, ACT FAST.

Using JCURV’s unique strategy mobilisation approach has delivered the following for our clients:

  • Faster time to market and profit
  • Reduced cost of failure - ideas fail faster, are smaller and safer
  • Increase chance of success - good ideas are tested with the customer faster, improved on and then can be scaled faster
  • Increased levels of excitement and momentum amongst staff – staff love making a positive difference quickly
  • Greater levels of ownership – you develop and own the strategy, not an external party hidden away in a room

Examples of our work

Within six weeks, we supported Sainsbury's to translate a high level 3 year vision into a mobilised strategy with a portfolio of £500m.

We supported the Exec at BOI Uk to rapidly mobilise their transformation strategy to increase profitability, staff engagement and capability.

We worked with the Global CRO to define and mobilise a new Risk strategy post Covid. We supported the team gain greater transparency and ability to prioritise across regions for the second line risk function.

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Increasing enterprise-wide agility

We support organisations sustainably introduce and embed agile ways of working across the enterprise so they can thrive in an increasingly changing world

We help organisations thrive in an increasingly changing world


The pace of change for organisations is at an all time high and will only get faster. Those organisations that can respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to the changing market are going to be best placed to thrive.


JCURV has a unique approach and a strong track record in supporting organisations sustainably embed agile ways of working across the enterprise. We support clients across the agile maturity curve from introducing, optimising and scaling through to reenergising agile efforts. We do this by:

  1. Creating a clear and safe environment for agile delivery, starting with the Board and Exco
  2. Introducing agile ways of working to deliver a first wave of strategically important use cases
  3. Incrementally scaling agile ways of working to deliver more strategic outcomes
  4. Designing and mobilising agile operating models to enable the business to achieve enterprise-wise agility

​​We have a proprietary tool kit that we tailor to our clients needs covering:

  • Leadership coaching and training
  • Team coaching and training
  • Providing a comprehensive delivery tool kit and methodology
  • Agile budgeting and portfolio management
  • Establishing communities of practice
  • Agile operating model design

Examples of our work

Worked with a BOI UK to transform their Mortgages and Loans business initially but spreading into regulatory delivery, Audit and HR delivering a material profit uplift and increase in staff engagement.

Worked with a Sainsbury's to deliver a £1bn transformation applying Agile ways of working focusing on new propositions, productivity and organisational efficiencies.

Supported Hargreaves Lansdown to embark on an Agile transformation accelerating the pace of change across the business from propositions development to customer experience.

Supported EY adopt agile to deliver their transformation focusing on increasing new business growth, staff engagement and productivity delivering a step change in incremental profit within 12 months.

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We have an award-winning data transformation practice where we transform data analytics functions so they deliver business value continually and rapidly. We call this ‘Datagility’

We help extract value from data at pace and sustainably


Organisations are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with data but frequently struggle to extract the expected value from it and at the speed required. Data transformations are often overly reliant on technology to address these challenges, but based on our experience it is the behaviours and culture which are critical in unlocking the value of data at the pace required.


  • JCURV has an award winning practice where we have successfully supported several of the UK’s largest data transformations
  • We build effective data analytics functions by combining changes to behaviours, culture and people with the right methodology and technical data capability - We call this ‘Datagility’.
  • Our approach is unique, focusing primarily on changing peoples ways of working, not just technical data capability
  • The approach incrementally delivers business value every 30 days. This rapid way of working allows the CDO function to ‘earn the right’ to invest further. Our approach focuses on building immediate sustainable capability, so after JCURV leaves, the team continues to improve. We do this by:
  • Onboarding and aligning the senior leadership team around the benefits case for data and agree a set of ways of working that they will immediately start to role model to unlock the value of data
  • Mobilising a set of pilots and teams to experiment with the new ways of working
  • Define the broader data strategy and begin to scale the ways of working to deliver the defined transformation strategy
  • Continually review progress every 30 and 90 days as an organisation to continuously improve and strengthen the ways of working

Examples of our work

Worked with the Chief Data Officer of Sainsbury's plc supporting the team increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of how they deliver value - "We've delivered more in the last 6 weeks than the last 12 months!" - Group CFO

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We worked with the Chief Data Officer at DLG Group to define the data strategy and begin to transform the function using agile ways of working.

Worked with the Chief Data Officer and the Exco of Mencap introducing agile ways of working to initially improve the insights service managers received to improve care quality and efficiency.

Find out more

Nicky Klein explains the role of a CDO in a data transformation.

Victoria Pike, Mencap's Head of Data, describes the challenge for data leaders and advice on beginning a data transformation.

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Accelerating innovation

We help increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the innovation process. We help clients develop customer-led solutions delivering business value weeks not years

We help extract value from data at pace and sustainably


In order to compete effectively in a market with changing customer needs and behaviours, it is critical organisations can quickly and effectively bring new products and propositions to market. Many organisations today can still take years to launch a new solution which increases the risk of the product being redundant when it is released, as it does not adequately meet the customer needs, or the market has already moved on.


  • JCURV has worked with leading retailers, financial service institutions and professional services organisations to deliver a step-change in the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of how they improve their products and propositions
  • Our approach enablers our clients to get results in weeks not years, and builds a sustainable capability that continues way after JCURV has finished its job
  • JCURV combines design thinking, lean start up and agile ways of working to support clients creating an environment where teams can:
  • Rapidly design solutions that customers value through robust customer insights​​
  • Iteratively build and test solutions with the end customers to ensure the solution is relevant and most valuable
  • Rapidly and iteratively scale up those solutions that are most valued and quickly stop those that are not
  • Establish a clear and simple governance framework to review and re-prioritise the focus of the portfolio, to ensure relevancy in the short and long term

Examples of our work


Worked with the Exco of Kellogg's Europe introducing agile ways of working to accelerate the rate of innovation and improve planning accuracy.


Used Agile methods to successful accelerate its ability to identify, design and deploy a new propositions into the market increasing the speed to market by over 50%, productivity by 45% and staff engagement by 42%.

As part of the Food Transformation, JCURV's approach supported Sainsbury's launch the first Cashless supermarket and drive a step-change in store productivity and energy management through technology innovation.

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Programme and project acceleration

We introduce a radical, but simple and safe, new ways of working to execute programme and projects outcomes. In doing so, we help deliver a step-change in speed and business value

We introduce radical but simple and safe new practices that deliver a step change


Many programmes and projects over run, miss deadlines or fail to deliver their intended outcomes. Most often, this is not the fault of the hard working delivery teams but the management systems and processes hindering or not effectively enabling them to deliver.

These impediments can manifest in areas such as too much project bureaucracy, weak prioritisation, unclear ownership and decision making, as well as weak alignment of the customer needs and the delivery teams’ priorities.


JCURV is frequently invited to support mobilise, accelerate or recover programmes and projects. We introduce a radical, but simple and safe, new way of working to delivering programme and projects which helps organisations deliver a step-change in speed, efficiency, effectiveness of the delivery teams, whilst reducing risk. We do this by:

  • Aligning the leadership team around the benefits case, identifying areas of improvement to ways of working and gaining their commitment to personally role model the behaviours required to ensure the programme or project success
  • Mobilising a cross-functional team to use agile ways of working to align around the vision, goals and the approach to deliver at pace
  • Coaching the leaders, stakeholders and the delivery teams though the initial delivery wave, continually reviewing progress, addressing impediments and refining the team’s direction to ensure value maximisation

Examples of our work

Worked with a CNA Hardy, a Lloyds of London Insurer, to accelerate the delivery of their new pricing and underwriting tool reducing release cycles from 1 year to every 8 weeks.

Worked with the Chief Digital Officer and their digital team to improve the delivery speed and effectiveness of their online strategic programmes.

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