We support all leaders to build a trusting environment which empowers teams and improves delivery


With the pace of change dramatically increasing, businesses and leaders are under increased pressure to respond

JCURV has found that organisations with a strong agile culture outperform their peers by 277%. Leaders are critical to creating that culture – setting clear intent, empowering their teams and creating a test and learn environment

97% of C-suite leaders believe they role model agile behaviors, yet only 2% of team members agree

80% of C-suite leaders feel that their organisations can adapt and pivot, while just 15% of senior managers agree

The highest performing organisations have highly engaged employees, motivated by an inspiring team of supportive leaders that unite the organisation by setting clear intent.


  • We designed and delivered a bespoke, immersive two-day training course to 250+ Technology leaders of a global investment bank Markets business.
  • Delivered as part of enabling a wider transformation, select modules included: productivity and flow, operating model design, product governance and quarterly planning and agile leadership and culture.
  • Training the leaders paved the way for the transformation, encompassing an operating model redesign and value stream mobilisation, ensuring that leaders were upskilled, bought in and role modelling the change.

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  • We coached members of the Exco and the transformation leadership of a £500m transformation introducing and embedding agile leadership principles
  • The leadership embarked on a 30 day cycle where they reviewed their behavioural scores as part of a 180 degree retrospective
  • Based on the scores and retrospectives, the leaders participated in both training and conducted behavioural experiments to close identified gaps through action.
  • The programme delivered £1bn of value over 3 years.

  • We supported Red Bull management teams with training in best practice change leadership approaches in response to challenges being faced ranging from system and process changes to M&A activity.
  • We designed and created a comprehensive change course focused on the role of leaders as change sponsors as well as change recipient, building in interactivity and case studies, and delivered training to in-country leadership teams throughout Europe.
  • Our authentic change leadership course was the highest scoring pilot course ever at Red Bull, with participant satisfaction scores ranging from 4.8 to 5 out of 5.


JCURV works with leaders to build a trusting environment that empowers teams and improves delivery.

We support clients in the following ways:

Agile Leadership behavioural assessments to understand areas of strength and improvement opportunities

Executive Coaching providing individuals with objective and actionable insight from behavioural assessments

Leadership training, building leaders’ agile understanding from a foundational to expert level

Building authentic leadership which fosters inclusion and psychological safety

Running agile leadership safaris and communities of practice to learn from peers and inspire others

Agile Leadership Development - supporting leaders and teams on the longer-term journey to iteratively strengthen their behaviors that enable greater agility.


Discover the impact of leadership styles on agile culture, business agility, organisational resilience and performance in a recession environment.

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Involving others in decision-making is a key lever to motivate and engage teams, ultimately delivering better outcomes. However, many leaders struggle to genuinely empower.

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Many individuals face difficulties in giving and receiving feedback, yet It is an essential skill, particularly for leaders. A positive feedback environment is a key determinant of an agile culture.

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Research has shown that when employees are given more control and autonomy, they deliver a stronger performance and demonstrate greater satisfaction and commitment to their organisation.

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