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In a world of distractions and competing high-priorities, I love supporting organisations, teams and people to achieve what really matters to them, through strategy, agility and performance psychology.



I love helping our clients unlock the power and potential from their workforce and organisational strategies. In the age of digital disruption I achieve this by building practical, sustainable, and future-focused solutions that are notably 'data-led and insight-fed'.

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GEORGIE | Manager
& Agile Coach

I love taking on new challenges to help organisations maximise value by empowering individuals and equipping them with the tools to deliver lasting change.



I believe in changing people's minds, so they change their behaviours. I love helping our clients embark on a transformative journey to become better versions of themselves so that they can deliver outcomes that matter for their businesses and the society.

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Michael | DIRECTOR & Enterprise Coach

I love the approach we take as it recognises the importance of the people side of delivery.
We put empowerment at the heart of our client coaching and embed key skills that enable clients to transform their business in a sustainable way.

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Emily | Manager &
Agile Coach

I love meeting and working with great teams to help them become the most efficient, effective version of themselves.

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Joost | Managing Consultant & Enterprise Coach

Purpose and passion are my purpose and my passion! Helping organisations and people unlock their full potential gives me tremendous satisfaction.

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Tzuki | Strategy Consultant
AND Coach

I love bringing boundless energy, combined with a laser focus and passion for new ways of working, to equip our clients with everything they need to transform their organisations and thrive through change.

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Nisha | Data

I am passionate about using data analysis to support and discover initiatives which unlock value for our clients.


Vikram | Founder & Managing Director

I love helping individuals, teams and organisations unlock their full potential to achieve amazing results.

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Payal | Managing

I enjoy seeing the reaction of leaders discovering a new way of working which helps to extract value from data – it’s always a magic moment.

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Ben | Director &
Enterprise Coach

Providing hands-on support to our clients during their agile change journey is a privilege; seeing the quick results is even better!

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Georgie | Manager &
Agile Coach

I love collaborating with our clients to help them solve complex problems and improve their organisational effectiveness and agility to be able to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in.

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Anusha | Consultant &
Agile Coach

I love working with our clients to define success for their teams and co-design agile pathways to achieve and sustain realisation of incremental business value over long-term.

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Kai Wing | Managing Consultant & Enterprise Coach

I love seeing the teams we work with rediscovering their own energy and enthusiasm through our solutions.


Lany | Manager &
Agile Coach

I'm passionate about empowering our clients to rapidly unlock value, drive sustainable innovation, and deliver impactful strategies.


Mark | Senior
OKR Coach

I enjoy helping C-suite leadership, drawing upon my own real world challenges faced in senior management roles.

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Jaen | Senior
Data Scientist

I am passionate about using data analysis to support and discover initiatives which unlock value for our clients.

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Susie | Managing

My superpower is working with leaders to remove silos, organise around value and create environments where their people can achieve amazing results.

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Kieran | Manager &
Agile Coach

I enjoy building trusted relationships with clients, helping them to navigate complex change.

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Raj | Director &
executive COACH

I love helping individuals and teams shine their light making their desired transformation happen from the heart. 

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Benedict | Manager &
Agile Coach

I enjoy helping my clients to embrace disruption by supporting them to develop and mobilise innovation strategies that rapidly deliver value for their customers



Peter | DIrector &

Fuelled by my passion for unlocking the power of OKRs, I forge positive connections and empower leaders to translate ambitious goals into reality, turning strategic execution into an organisational habit.

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It's a pleasure to work with such a skilled team who all possess genuine integrity and enthusiasm.

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Ben | Senior Consultant &
Strategic AnaLYST

Utilising my two decades of international experience in commercial and analytical roles within financial services to benefit clients, helping them develop and fulfil their potential is incredibly rewarding.

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Fran | Senior
OKR Coach

I have the best job in the world! Coaching company execs through an OKR adoption is always a unique journey of discovery, profound mindset shift and above all teamwork.

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Kamil | Data

I am passionate about using data analysis to support and discover initiatives which unlock value for our clients.