JCURV at the OR society discussing how to rapidly extract value from data

Payal Jain, MD JCURV & Chair Women in Data, UK Abstract: SAP found that 86% of organisations believe there is further value to be extracted from their data; but 74% of the organisations surveyed believe it’s too complex to monetise this value.

It makes for bleak reading for the boardrooms that were persuaded to make these investments. So how can Chief Data Officers (CDOs) turn this ship around? This talk will define the building blocks for an effective data analytics function. Real life case studies from FTSE 100 firms will be shared where they have transformed their data function by focusing on people, not data.

With the advances in AI and the focus on bias and ethics, this talk addresses that the skills sets required in data moving forwards and what are our roles as data leaders will be in the future. Bio: Payal is a Managing Director at JCURV, a management consultancy company who’s mission is to increase the agility of UK PLC by helping companies radically change the way they leverage data.

Previous to this, Payal has held several executive roles in the Banking and Finance industry for the last 18 years including Existing Customer Management and Loans Director at Vanquis Bank and Managing Director of Strategic Analytics at Barclays, responsible for all the analytics in the UK and European Credit Card and Lending division across 8 countries. Payal is the Chair of Women in Data, who’s mission is gender parity in all data roles, especially at a senior level. In 2016, Payal was recognised as the most influential data professional in the DataIQ Top 100 leaders in the UK and shortlisted as Woman of the Year in the 2019 Credit Awards.