Discussion panel on how to strengthen your organisation’s Agile culture

Lately organisations have been more ‘agile’ than ever. What can be learned from this, to emerge stronger and faster?

Six months on from the State of Agile Culture 2020 Report, JCURVTruthsayers® Neurotech® and Agile Business Consortium held a panel discussion with industry experts. Besides COVID, we discussed the benefits of strong agile culture, the role of leaders, and whether introducing agile differs from typical change programmes.

Simon Pakenham-Walsh shared how during COVID his company learned that focus on an urgent common goal was needed to get long outstanding decisions made. With systems and data so available today, the challenge then was only speed of execution.

Dan Wilkinson cited that Lloyds Banking Group’s ability to pivot to what customers wanted fundamentally helped their handling of the pandemic.  

During COVID we have all been challenged to act fast based on new information and redefine ‘normal’. Organisations were more ‘agile’ than they had been in years. The question is how to sustain the desirable attributes that gave rise to outperformance, before reverting to type.

We can help facilitate leadership discussions to identify lessons learned. If your organisation might benefit from this welcome to reach out to a friendly JCURVer!