How to increase engagement of leaders in agile transformations

Watch our latest coffee chat discussion with Simon Douglas discussion how do you increase the engagement of leaders in agile.

In partnership with the Agile Business Consortium, Truth Sayers and JCURV, this is a summary of the Coffee chat discussion with executive Simon Douglas from Zurich Insurance.

We explored how to increase leadership engagement in agile.

Content covers:

1. Why is leadership important in agile transformations?

2. Introduction to Simon Douglas

3. Challenge her was facing at Direct Line Group

4. Why agile was selected by Direct Line Group?

5. Why were you pessimistic about agile?

6. Creating a burning platform

7. Building an internal business case

8. Getting leaders to have a hands-on experience

9. Identifying a use case

10. Importance of role models

11. The difference between leadership and agile leadership

12. The leadership challenge of transitioning to agile

13. How did your leadership style change

14. Top ways to increase leadership engagement